Saturday, February 17, 2007

Saturday Morning Post

It's nine AM, Saturday morning in Boston. As sit at the dining room table typing this, Heather is still in bed asleep. I heart her. I probably don't tell her enough, but it's true. I believe she knows that I do.

The sun streams through the window. Snow is piled in random spots next to driveways, in the middle of the street. A thick coat of ice covers almost everything in sight. I'm hoping this cold spell will end soon. If for no other reason than I'd like to walk through the neighborhood without the snot in my nose freezing.

I'm not looking forward to charioting the old mini sled to Starbucks this morning, but I do need a fix. It's been an odd week. A few rants. More folks leaving my company: the company is moving to Lexington, MA, which sucks for the vast majority of us who commute either from the north or south shores.

Yesterday was my ex-boss' last day. She'd been my ex-boss since July 2005, when she dumped me off to my current boss. That made me feel special; the I'm wearing a helmet and drooling kind of special. My ex-boss hired me at this job. Now she's gone.

I can wait no more: I'm off for coffee.


Herschel Savage said...

"I heart her. I probably don't tell her enough, but it's true."

You should let your dinky do the talking!

third swan to the left said...

if i never see the f%cking snow again, i'll be thrilled. we hung out in the spa at my in-laws. that's what i'm talking about.
If for some reason your lady didn't think that you loved her, you would surely find out. it certainly doesn't hurt to say it more often, but actions speak louder than words. you definitely act devoted if not utterly smitten, so i wouldn't worry about it.
- skinny fat tex-yank

Lord Fondleberries said...

herschel: thanks, i'll get on that.

swan: i'm not that worried. i just thought i'd say something nice after that shit storm of fucks and cunts i laid out in my last post.

lord f

le bruce bruce said...

WTF? You don't live in Boston.
My kitchen table is in the same time zone as Boston also!!
It's 1:34pm in Boston as I type this. It's 1:34pm here too!!

you fucknut.
i heart you.

Lord Fondleberries said...

oh, bruce bruce (twice the bruce, twice the gay), you caught me: i live about 10 miles outside of boston, to the north. it was, however, the day before you left this comment at 9 am when i made the post.

happy go fuck yourself. hard.

lord f