Monday, February 19, 2007

I'm Mad as Hell and I'm Not Going to Take it Anymore

It's true: I am mad, and I'm not going to take it anymore. Except that I don't seem to have a choice. And I'm going to have to take it. Hard.

I'd like to thank the U.S. Senate Republicunts for standing by their man, Saturday, and blocking important, albeit, non-binding legislation that saught to deny the insane President's troop build up in everyone's favorite sand box, Ifuckingraq. Instead, I'll say, "nice work, way to keep that partisan divide as wide as Bush's daughter's gash".

Wasn't there a recent national vote, afterwhich the Republicunt majority was replaced with a Democratic majority? And were the Democrats not running on the basis that they would take a stand against the fake war and against the lunacy of George witless Bush, Dick fucking Cheney, and the rest of the neonazi (I mean neoconservative) party? What the hell happened? Oh, that's right. The fucking Democrats blew their wads and decided that instead of actually wanting to end the war, they'd rather launch exploratory committees to evaluate their potential presidential candidacies.

Will someone please remind me what the troops are dying for in Iraq these days? Is it freedom? Is it truth and justice? Is it the pursuit of democracy? Oh, that's right, it's for oil. And capitalism. And George W. Bush's legacy. Well, fuck him, and fuck this farce.

With the information available on the superfactual internet, I was able to dig up this tidbit at the so-called uberliberal website a total of 3088 U.S. troops have died during the course of this "war on terrorism". Add to that the range of Iraqi deaths (minimum = 30,000 as reported by the Bush administration, maximum = 650,000 as reported by the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health) and the U.S. government's general lack of giving a shit about troops and civilians and anything un-Jesus, and the similarties between this failed invasion of Iraq and the failed invasion of Vietnam seem even harder to dismiss. Like the huge boner I have to get rid of Bush's idiocracy. Interestingly, the Vietnamese government reports that approximately 4 million people have suffered from the effects of agent orange; I wonder how many people will suffer when Bush finally dusts off the red button and brings a nuke-you-ler holocaust on the Middle East.

Perhaps the government does need to reinstate a draft policy. Only this time, the Republicunt Senators and Representatives will be the first drafted and killed off. When they're dead, draft their kids and kill them off. Then, for shits and grins, hit up the Democratic Senators and Representatives who voted for a war not this war, and send them off to die.

Oh well, I guess I shouldn't be so upset, as I'll be in Canada dying from cirrhosis as soon as fucking possible.


Flounder 2k7 said...

Perhaps if the Dems had cooperated a little more in getting some federal judges up for a vote, things would be different.

Rob said...

Britney shaved her head. Everything is going to be OK real soon.