Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Iraq, You Rock, But Folks Keep Dying

I realize that this blog has a readership of about 7 buggers (on a good day), but I'm still throwing this out to all internet [Mario van] peoples.

Does anyone else find it a scosh nuts that the "Coalition of the Willing" are pulling out of Iraq in droves, and Bush is calling this a "sign of success"?

Last I checked, there were nearly 4,000 total Coalition deaths, including 3,147 U.S. Apparently these folks were expendable, otherwise, George W. Bush and the U.S. Congress wouldn't likely have agreed to and begun increasing U.S presence in Iraq via a surge in troops to the tune of 21,500.

Today, it was sunny and relatively warm (41 degrees F) for winter in the Boston area. As I walked the four blocks from my parking spot to my office, through melting snow and ice, I relished the warm air and thought only of the coming spring and summer months. I smiled and sipped my coffee.

Hours before, another U.S. helicopter was shot down, "insurgents" blew up a truck carrying chlorine gas, which sent 55 people to the hospital, and yet another exploded car bomb killed 2 and injured an additional 4 people. These people did not die to protect my freedom to write this.

Clinton was nearly impeached for getting a hummer from a fat chick and trying to keep it a secret from his wife; Bush kills thousands and will get the chance to kill thousands more. That's fair, right?


bunny said...

I don't understand how it is that the Republicans are so freaking good at marketing. Do they just control the paychecks of the smartest people in the land who can weave a giant lie out of shards of truth, and that's how you end up with Dubya still in office? I just don't know.

With the Dixie Chicks in shame that my state sired that fucktard,

bunny said...

P.S. You, my unknown blog...uh...commenter? You get mad props from me, despite the grammar Nazi biz, for innocuous comments that led my manwhore of an ex-boyfriend to believe that "Dude! You're gay!" was all about him. He's like the poor smelly zit-riddled fat version of Warren Beatty. And nothing gives me pleasure like watching him fall apart with paranoia. Double props!

Lord Fondleberries said...

bunny: it is sad that you would date a poor, smelly, zit-riddled fat guy.

egan said...

I heard about him calling that a "success" and just about died. So if we start withdrawing troops, does that spell success too? His logic is beyond all reason. You can't even try to make sense of it. It's understanding why an infant won't listen to their parents.

le bruce bruce said...

I think Bush refered to Blair's withdrawl of troops as "progress".

Enjoy your Starbucks!

Lord Fondleberries said...

egan: let's fling poo at him.

le bruce bruce: i think you're missing the point: i don't enjoy starbucks, i enjoy little brown people.

lord f

Rob said...
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Rob said...

I object to you calling Ms. Lewinsky "fat." All that does it reinforce negative gender stereotypes and engender poor body image problems for our young children. I prefer to think of her as "thick."

And Clinton wasn't getting a "hummer." He was skullfucking a cow.

Rob said...

Ah, pulling out before the tiny death. That is indeed victory.

Rob said...

You've brought it all back, Lord Fondleberries. Many times have I wondered about the intrepid Ms. Lewinsky, hobbling back to her Watergate apartment in the cold D.C. night, inspecting her disheveled face in the mirror--disarray d'amour, as it were--and coughing up boluses of presidential spunk into the sink. Ah, those were good times.