Thursday, January 11, 2007

To New Fake Internet Friends

It seems that a bit of Blogger on Blogger crime I committed has resulted in a new fake internet friend. The English language-challenged guy who refers to himself as "The Governor" over at "A Guy and His Blog" has made a little post just for me: how sweet.

Cheers, my new fake friend. I'll see you soon.

Author's note: My sack was conveniently on a shelf at home the night I found this guy's Blog and left my first comment under the nom de plume "not you". I thought it was funny: it has stuck. Perhaps I'll one day reveal my true self to The Governor. Until then, my cowl is firmly in place.


Anonymous said...

I know that guy.


Anonymous said...

Electric Boogaloo?

bunny said...

Your posts on his blog are hilarious.