Wednesday, January 10, 2007


In case you do not understand the request of this post, perhaps you should send a member of your own family to Iraq to contribute to the success of the mission (how rediculously midevil). Preferably this family member is 18 years-old and emotionally naive, or (like my father) is a 57 year-old, frail, career army grunt who recently returned home from this "war on terrorism" and ran like bloody hell to retire from the military before he was back-door drafted, again, into the war. Better yet, let's send the junior Bush's alcoholic, fuck-pig daughters---Like, oh my god, I'm so, like, killing towel heads; come on, let's do blow off their asses. Yeah! Daddy would be sooooooooo proud!

What is the purpose of sending "Coalition of the Willing" (are you fucking kidding me!) folks to Iraq: to kill the evil Iraqi terrorists (read those who control the oil we so desparately need to ensure that greenhouse gasses bring about the end of the world---if this cunt of a president doesn't actually do it first). And/or be killed by said terrorists.

Wait, weren't the so-called September-the-eleventh-two-thousand-and-one terrorists from Afghanistan? And, isn't Iraq geographically if not politcally and religiously fundamentally fucking different from Afghanistan (not to mention factioned among itself politcally and religiously---ergo the current civil war)? Moreoever, what the fuck does America have against Saddam Hussein (shit, I love names that have double consonants), except that Bush I made a failed attempt to capture and kill him for political, if not monetary reasons? Well, he was an evil dictator who treated his own people terribly and also personally profitted from controlling at least two thirds of the world's precious oil supply. But, so are the male members of the Bush family (without the controlling the oil bit---yet).

Our so-called freedom of speech doesn't even begin to cover the language required to describe the lunatic who's driving this pathetic shell of a country further into that "Hell" his pseudo-Christian, neo-conservative ass is so afraid of.

A friend recently wrote, "If you voted for him in 2000, you are a fucking fool. If you voted for him in 2004, you are a fucking criminal." I would add that to impeach the junior Bush is the consitutional right and just action of our elected officials; to not is a crime and is cowardly.

So I beg of you, let's band together and remove this vial filth from office before he kills people within the confines of our country---oh, but he's already done that; damn. Anyhoo, let's get this criminal and his cronies out of office. NOW.

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Rob said...

Impeachment is not the answer. You need to dress the terrorists and fuzzy mathists up like ducks and let Dick go huntin'.