Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I Own You

I'm trademarking the following phrases, in the order of importance to and use by me:

"I fucking hate you"

"Argyle is the new black"

"Hugs and mittens"

"Looks like (or sounds like) someone woke up on the wrong side of 'I'm an asshole' this morning"

If I see any of these "out there", I'll be expecting my royalty check.

Update (as of 319 PM EST---thanks bunny):

"Dude! You're Gay!" (exclamation points required. If I see "Dude, you're gay", I'll let it slide, as there simply is no pizazz without punctuation.)


bunny said...

I think you should add, "Dude! You're gay!" to that list. I can't stop saying it to BJ Blonde.

Rob said...

I have dibs on "I found something questionable in my stool." (Ideal for calling in sick to work.)

Rob said...

Although, Lord Fondleberries, you may be better of with (in a raucous cockney accent) "No can do, Brigadier, something's amiss in me shit, wot?"