Saturday, January 6, 2007

A Bit of Buggery

In keeping with the tradition of establishing new year's resolutions, I've decided that mine this year will be to spend as much time as physically possible surfing the web reading and commenting on other people's blogs.

From time to time, I'll excerpt choice bits of found material to share with you, dear reader. I sincerely hope to find some great and inspired thoughts, but will not be surprised to find a bunch of crap---and I hope to hell there are pictures to support that crap.

Here's fair warning fellow blogger: I will be at your blog reading and leaving comments about the shit that's been sloshing around in your head so long that you found it important enough to share with random assholes like me who've managed to trip over your blog while wasting time online. Who knows, perhaps when you awake in the morning and sit down with your coffee to bask in the glow of adda boy comments the casual reader's made, you'll find I've left you a steaming pile of shit.

See you in the internet.

p.s. Blogging, by nature, is an interactive experience; therefore, please feel free to upload some of the choice bits of material you've found and perhaps commented on. You may either post a comment here or e-mail your text to me (see address under my complete profile) and I'll post it under separate cover. I also look forward to people ripping on my blog: don't be shy.


Scott E Rosenberg said...

For Example.

Check out the posts (and comments on), "Have you tried . . ." and "Okay . . . you know how I don't like to watch TV . . . ." at A Guy and His Blog.

Too perfect.

spastic colon said...

I think it should be:
"Check out the posts (and comments)on"

-with the "on" outside of the parentheses.

el stoopeedo.

Scott E Rosenberg said...

Dear Spastic Colon or El Stoopeedo or whatever your name is,

Thanks for the comment: this is exactly the idea behind Blogger on Blogger crime. Unfortunately, I must diagnose you as grammatically challenged.

You see, the posts themselves are titled "Have you tried . . . " and "Okay . . . you know how I don't like to watch TV", which were made by the host of the Blog, "A Guy and His Blog", i.e., they were made by him on his Blog. (Incidentally, that particular Blogger refers to himself as the Governor and sometimes as EDgAr). Thus, I am asking the reader to read those particular posts among all the other posts on that Blog, and I added a bit of relevant information, i.e., asking the reader to check out the comments made on those posts. Therefore, the "on" belongs safely within the confines of the parenthetical phrase. Perhaps I could have used "comments at" or "comments about" and potentially avoided some confusion.

So, to recap, were these posts actual Blogs, rather than posts within a Blog, your comment would be correct, and I would be the grammatically challenged punch line to this joke. Alas, you are indeed incorrect. Ha ha.

Thanks for playing. I heart you.

By the way, you omitted a space between the closing paren and the word "on".

douche baggy bag said...

You are the winner.
The omitted space was due to this small box I am typing my comment in (or on)... the "word wrap" if you will.
When I checked for errors I must have backspaced or some shit and fucked up the format.
That and the fact that I'm really not that well at being flowery with my verbage.

I fucking love you man,


Anonymous said...

I love me a good blog fight.

Feel free to shit on my blog all you want.

fishboy said...

Heh, you're welcome to drop deposits in my blog also. I need the manure. It might grow me a blog post.

scott e rosenberg said...

Here's a bit of funny shit I left for one of my new fake internet friends. Check out the video posts and comments: you'll find that I'm nicely slotted in there.