Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Happy New Year

Well another new year has arrived and I've got a cold. Again.

This marks 4 straight years that I've been sick on New Year's Eve. While the world was out celebrating and making champagne toasts, I was stuck on the couch blowing snot, hacking up a lung, watching the Twilight Zone marathon. I did manage a Nyquil toast, though, to next year's cold.

So Happy New Year. And pass the tissues. I'm going to sleep.


bruce said...

I love your blog.
All of your posts are funny.

Except for this one.
It sucks ass.

Scott E Rosenberg said...

I disagree. None of the posts are funny: they all suck ass.

bunny said...

I had a stomach virus on NYE. Go me. Last year my ex boyfriend was screaming at me at midnight.

Good times. Think I'll take the stomach virus.