Sunday, May 27, 2007


I once was young and had a lifetime ahead of me. Everywhere I could see, I was told, there would be doors through which my future lay. I had time to make choices. I had time to do nothing at all, or everything I could. I had little experience and less knowledge, but I thought that I knew it all and was willing to say so to anyone who would listen.

I once was cool and hip and thin.

I once had hair. Long, flowing hair.

I once had only myself to worry about or care for.

It seems that at once all of these things changed.

I am now middle-aged. Most of my hair has decided to part from me. I've gone up at least two waist sizes. I still belt Smiths lyrics while driving, which, I'm told, makes me less than cool (and likely a bit gay). I have a house and bills and a job. And I'll be married in less than a month.


Chris said...

If there were a Warren Zevon son playing in the background during this post, which would it me?

Look on the bright side dude.

grumble said...

The bright side: death is nearer every day.

Lord Fondleberries said...

chris: are you looking for mister zevon's son or a particular song?

grumble: every breath i take is a sweet step closer to dying.

Chris said...

if i could only type! Song...

third swan to the left said...

At least you will have a Hot wife who seems to think that you are the proverbial "cat's meow." The cats probably think you're a dick though. Fuck cats.