Thursday, May 3, 2007

Back in Black

Or back in the States(?), and wearing pink, whichever comes first.

I'm working on the trip review post, but guarantee it will suck (almost as much as I do).

In the interim, here's a bit of conversation I recently had with a work colleague (WC, not the closet, Jesus, pull your head out of your ass):

Lord F: I would very much like to visit France at some point.

WC: France isn't a country, it's a restaurant.


egan said...

Mon dieu, ton coll├Ęgue est compl├Ętement fou.

BJ Blonde said...

Would you eat at France?

BJ Blonde said...

Don't leave b/c of him.

nein said...

You should take her advice. She's like all intuitive and stuff. Swear.

I see now what you are missing. You need to blog EVERY DAMN DAY, EVEN IF YOU ARE SMASHED OUT OF YOUR MIND. That's what hobgobling, I mean blogging is all about.

I ate at a mediterranean place today and they had lasagna, with more meat than cheese and grease that decreased my lifespan by, well, fuck it, I'm half dead anyway.

grumblesnot said...

Post something you wucksorthy fothermucking drunk.

le bruce bruce said...

It's been awhile since I dropped by to tell you you suck.
What happened to your blog?
Shake off that hangover - drive to Starbucks for one of your homo drinks and type something already you twat.