Sunday, April 8, 2007

Bringing Suck Back

Hidey ho, bloggeroos.

I haven't posted here in a while because:

1. Sinus infection. This is my second such infection since January. I'm starting to finally question my "immune" system: the dirty bastard is getting me into all kinds of trouble. The head-pounding pressure had disallowed seeing and typing as well as breathing.

2. Work. My fabulously boring job has decided to unfuck itself momentarily, which has put me into a world of shit trying to clean up the dribble on the mattress, so, no bloggy there.

3. Detoxification. By far, coming off the sauce is the least fun I've had in some time. The shakes have kept my sausage and peppers fingers from settling down to blog.

4. Commuting. I spend at least 2 hours each day in my car driving to and/or from work. I don't mind so much as the music is good and I'm certain to spill most of my latte thanks to the incredibly unmaintained roadways in and around Boston. Alas, commuting leaves little time for blogging.

5. Douching. Or should I say, "sucking". Either way, it's got nothing to do with cleaning or a good time, rather it merely sums up my normal activities of daily living.

What will I do about all of this non-posting? Probably nothing.


Don Imus said...

Wassup, nappy ho?

le bruce bruce said...

latte = homo

Lord Fondleberries said...

don imus and le bruce bruce (wow, a combined reply): i heart nappy ho(mo)s.

lord f

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least you post more than once every TWO MONTHS.

Back, baby...

Morna said...

Well said.