Wednesday, February 7, 2007

You Called Me What (the Fuck)?

Yesterday, I heard two separate but related what the fucks on NPR:

1. Some Jews are calling other Jews anti-semites for not fully supporting Israel's every action.

2. Black people do not consider Barack Obama black.

As an upper middle class atheist white guy, all I can infer from this kind of shit is that apparently I have been on the wrong side of religion all my life as the apocalypse is imminent, and that Mitt fucking Romney will be the next president of the United fucking States.

It's settled: I'm moving to Canada.


bunny said...

Can you tell me - exactly when did they sign into federal law that anyone who's not rabidly Zionist is immediately labeled an anti-Semite?

Lord Fondleberries said...

sure: two years ago in a new york city appellate court.

lord f

knottyboy said...

All these people need a fucking enema. But don't slam the hose in their butts, try their ears and then maybe we'll get some new thinking after all of this schoolyard bullshite.

Uncle Roy said...

I don't think Mitt's chances will be too good, especially once that YouTube video of him getting a blompie from Star Jones comes out.

egan said...

Yes, another atheist. We have to stick together before the believers burn us at the stake.

I'm not surprised by the Barack thing. They also don't consider Sammy Sosa black. I would like to say Donald Trump isn't white.