Thursday, February 1, 2007

Light Brite Will Destroy Us All

Well, thanks to six years of fear mongoring and excessive use of the now meaningless word "terrorism", Lil W finally got to the otherwise intellectually superior people of Boston and made them retarded.

Yesterday, much of the city, and the tail end of my commute to work, were brought to a screeching halt. Literally. Why? Because a Mass Bay Transit Authority worker (read some fat, dumb-fuck, Dunkin Dognuts coffee-drinking, house coat-wearing, subhuman ball fuck) just happened to pull her tear-filled eyes away from the full spread of TomKat's unholy offspring in her Inquirer to look up and see this:

Minutes later, the Orange Line was shut down, traffic came to a halt, and the bomb squad appeared and "blew the object apart with a water cannon".

What the fuck. Look at this silly thing. Seriously. We've actually come face to face with the Reaper, and it's a fucking Light Brite image of space invaders?

We should all heed it's advice and go fuck ourselves.


Rob said...

C'mon, you liberal sissy. That rude alien is clearly Muslim. They were all facing toward Mecca, too, but will you read that in the MSM? No. Wake up, people! They hate us for our freedom! They will not stop until every Atari console is crushed.

Lord Fondleberries said...

together we can.

Rob said...

I just found out it is not an alien, but a box of french fries. Coincidence? No! Those damn Frogs have been sucking Allah's dick from day one! Chirac is behind this.

Steph said...

Look at the bright side, it gave the media something to discuss ad nauseum for days.

I didn't hear a thing about it until I was leaving work for the evening, so all those emergency alert systems seem to be working just great. I would have been in a pile of rubble had one of those Light Brites proved to be more than just some box of fries flipping us the bird.

le bruce bruce said...

I tried to leave a comment on your faggy bloggery but the word verification thing kept fucking with me.
Fuck it.

It wasn't that funny anyway.
Get back to work.

Marcel said...

It's the Revenge of the Freedom Fries! Strap on your niners, esse, da shits 'bout to blow up!

Flounder, BS Consultant said...

Apparently, this device was left behind by the Joker and it sprays blue gas when Batman gets close to it.


Holy Cartoon Network Batman!

Anonymous said...

Your fucked up comments won't let me in.

Did you block me?

bunny said...



Pisser said...

Lite Brites are hot. And so are dreads.