Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I just read the publisher's description of Timothy Findley's "Pilgrim" on the book's dust jacket. "Fiercely original" they wrote.

I'd like to be called that.

Perhaps I'll use it during my next job interview when asked how others would describe me. "Oh, my colleagues would say that I'm fiercely original, that I have a unique and creative approach to my work as the assembly line guy responsible for hand inspecting twinkies for flaws."

Alas, I'll settle for dull. And when asked where I see myself in five years, I'll say "in the lunch room on my 15-minute break, drinking the free coffee".


BV said...

Did you just add "Professional Development" to your list of labels?

If not..I am impressed.

Lord Fondleberries said...

then i'll call you impressed: it's been there a while. well, relatively speaking: i only recently started blogging. but i'd thought of blogging for quite some time. that should count for something. and now i'm addicted. it's like crack. for the literate. who don't actually smoke crack but need something to fill the void.

incidentally, my word for verification is efymofa, which i believe is ebonics for fucking motherfucker. with retard strength.

Rob said...

I wish more people would refer to me as "fly." That would put a spring in my step.

BV said...

Blogging is like crack. It can get old though. I feel like I suck at it most days.

Maybe if I stopped writing about my stupid boyfriend and his stupid music.

Lord Fondleberries said...

it's good to suck at something. for me, i'm glad it's not dick.

bunny said...

Blogging is like crack for a while. Then unlike crack, you get so freaking bored with it that you're not doing anybody any good by continuing with it, and yet you continue to do it because it's a freaking albatross. Just don't stop commenting - your comments are the only interesting blog fare I've come across in months!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Bunny. And she and I know about the bored with blogging thing.

However, if you stop commenting, I will take you off my Top 8.

Flounder, BS Consultant said...

I think that my co-workers would describe me as "brilliantly aloof", though I am confident that none of them would know what aloof means.

Anonymous said...

You kill me. Stop it. I'm laughing so hard it hurts.

and you know what I'm talking about, LF.

Lord Fondleberries said...

here's a trick i learned from commenting on other people's blogs:

rob: you'll always be fly to me. like fly paper, only without the sticky.

bv: i rencently read your comment at the delta house, and i see you've got the good at pole smoking down. so, we're different there.

bunny: i forgot what i was going to say, so i'll say this instead: you have a little something on your chin there.

bj: you only have8 friends on myspace, so i guess i won't worry about falling off the ride anytime soon.

flounder: driving the cart that picks up the golf balls at the driving range is hardly a job. but keep up the good work. and tell your co-workers i've got their doobage and i'll meet them in the back of the cart shed.

i heart you all. hard.

lord f

Anonymous said...

You are mean.


I'm iviting one of my pretend friends just to bump you off the top 8.

Anonymous said...

Fuck. I can't fucking spell.

And to do it on your blog, of all people.

bunny said...

Someday soon, and it won't be a long time from now, I'm going to get drunk and post drunk comments on your blog. Maybe BJB will help me. :)

Rob said...

That's copacetic.