Tuesday, June 5, 2007

When to Use Your Words

I'd like to send a big fuck you to the dick who decided while walking towards me and realizing that I'm a new guy, that he'd put his head down and walk right by me rather than say, oh, i dunno, "hi" or "welcome" or even "eat shit buddy". nice. little does he know that i run this here semi-anonymous blog, and the shit is on him.

In other news, I'm glad to see how much you all care about my dying tree and the pain it is causing me to have to part with it. Really, I'm ok, and I won't be discussing its fate here anytime soon. I did manage, however, to "borrow" one of the neighborhood kids and, well, let's just say that Rob will be impressed.

I do have this exciting bit: I'm using yet another work from home day well, as I'm off to the dentist.


I'm back from the dentist. Truth be told: I hate the dentist. In fact, I think I'll hook him up with sir shit head of the hallways.


Rob said...

Maybe you just reminded that guy of that star-filled night in Zanzibar when he could have acted upon his deepest desire and instead ordered another warm beer, that sad moment he looks back upon with the salty realization that nothing in his life will ever change again. Maybe you wounded him with your presence.

Lord Fondleberries said...

would only that i had wounded him with my presents. all two goopy ounces.

the grumble said...

dude is shy.

brookem said...

people like that are such idiots.

le bruce bruce said...

Maybe he has ESP and sensed that you are a dickweed.

Sven said...

da shit weasel!

Lord Fondleberries said...

grumble: dude is a dick.

brooke: you make a good point, as only an idiot would pass up on conversation with incredible me.

le bruce bruce: if by esp, you are referring to your amazingly small junk, then yes. you should go fuck yourself, regardless, but smile while you're doing it.

sven: i like the way your mind works. did i see you on the white rapper show last fall?