Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Soundtrack of Your Life

what is it that music does deep within us? what is it that makes us tap toe with the beat? why does music conjure memories of days thankfully long gone by or woefully forgotten?

sounds equal images equal memories equal emotions.

here's a partial listing of the tuesday night soundtrack as spun by superstar dj lord f (with partial commentary):

run dmc: rock box (hell yes)
3rd bass: words of wisdom (perhaps there is a theme being kicked off, tune in later)
de la soul: eye know (anyone who can rhyme over steely dan is ok in my book; steely dan, i smell w.s. burroughs, and he's dead. ewww.)
eric b and rakim: i know you got soul
special ed: i'm the magnificent (yes, mothertrucker, i am)
d nice: my name is d nice (actually, it's lord fondleberries. well, maybe it's not)
bdp: my philosophy (for heather's informizzle, d nice came up with bdp: it's all in the way he rhymes over that 8 0 8)
big daddy kane: warm it up cane (is that pornographic, because i hope it is)
the the: uncertain smile
pixies: dig for fire
billie holiday: they can't take that away from me
black rebel motorcycle club: ain't no easy way
the doors: l.a. woman (mister mojo rising)
led zepplin: communication breakdow (on purpose)
ll cool j: mamma said knock you out (don't call it a come back, bitches)
whodini: the freaks come out at night (who the hell has that in their record collection, that's right, suckas, lord f is in the house . . . lord f is in the house . . . when i said "lord" you say "f".)

and the finale:

tomoyasu hotei (aka the electic samurai): battle without honor or humanity (all a y'all silly suckas be knowin that one from the kill bill sountrack. me, i own the actual album. heck yes. i rock the house)


Rob said...

Erik B ain't nothin' but a prison pussy with scrawny legs. I knocked his yellow teeth out years ago!

le bruce bruce said...