Sunday, January 28, 2007

Making Things. Or Not Making Things. With My Hands.

Earlier today, after being impressed by an instructional pottery making video, I left a comment noting that I've never made anything with my hands. I was at the time also thinking about snow. Then I was surfing the blogosphere for much too long. And I ended up here.

I borrowed this. It's silly. It's got almost nothing to do with snow. It repeats.

It is now much later. And I'm still slogging through the blogosphere. Here's a recap.

In the mood for current events, I went here, as I recently vowed to only ever get my news there. After that, I randomly ended up here. That may be my new source for news. Exciting.

Then, I went here. He's fairly funny, but apparently too cold to blog today.

I said something rather smarmy, even for me, over here.

I just left this fucking place, but I don't believe there is any truth in the advertising there. I found that guy here---go ahead and kick him in the dick, he deserves it.

At one point, I got up to poo, but was reminded of this guy. He too is a bit funny, so i decided to hold in the poopy and check him out, knowing that I could always chew on some exlax later if need be. That was amusing, but fairly uneventful. I might be envious of the number of readers he has. But, I might not be.

Anyhoo, I still think this guy is a retarded hick, but I cruised on over to what he refers to as the best blog ever (more false advertising) to see if he'd responded to some comments I (spelled Not You) made. He hadn't but this gay cowboy did. I felt compelled to leave a friendly retort (read hiya sweety, go fuck yourself. hard), only to discover that the host chickened out and enabled comment moderation. Oh well.

This guy is definitely pretending to be straight. Still. I think I'm starting to like him, though. Well, not really. But I did check out his blog today. Yawn.

This blogger called me pretentious via a comment he left at trailor trash's place. Actually, he called Not You pretentious. (It's fun to have multiple anonymous personalities.) I liked that, so I left some nice words at his blog. Note: he's got a silly little animated turtle on his blog, which means that he might in fact be a 14 year-old girl. Tee-hee.

I left far too many comments at ole frosting face's place. I did the same thing here and here. I'm not apologizing. But I am logging off for a bit.

So, what did I learn from wasting nearly the whole day online (again)? Not much. I did, however, learn that I am super fucking pissed off at some fellow bloggers. Listen, fucksticks, update your fucking profiles, so we who troll the comment fields of blogs we frequent in search of new, fun blogs to check out don't have to keep clicking on links that land us at your shitty old blog (plus or minus your whining about the free blog service you used to use becuase it now finally sucks too much for your apparently amazingly technosplendorous ass), only to have to click another link to be redirected to your new and improved, yet still shitty, albeit located elsewhere, blog. Fuck you.

Alas, I'm still not making anything with my hands. But I will be later. I promise. Heather and I will be making some beef stew. It's nice to have a steaming bowl of comfort food on a cold day. Well, it's comforting to look down into a bowl of what essentially is a steaming pile of shit and potatoes. Or eventually will become such a pile.

Hugs and mittens,

Lord F

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