Saturday, December 23, 2006

Silent Night of the Lambs

Off to the theatre for some theatrics...formal review to follow.

What to say, what to say. Well, for starters, I'm as high as Jesus on the cross after drinking something lovingly referred to as "South Beach Specials". Now, seeing as I'm in Boston, MA, and South Beach is at least 1000 miles away, it must be the sheer power of booze putting that warm feeling of goodness in my tummy. In fact, I'm taking off my tank top right now.

As for the show, this was a delightful, festive romp with the most beautiful women you'd ever seen, albeit they were men in tights, red and green fishnet tights.

The Gold Dust Orphans theatre troup has paraphrased a world in which Santa is a maniacal little kid- and reindeer-killing puff stuffed away in a basement jail cell under the watchfull eye of a sadistic, lesbian-hating Dr. Tennenbaum. Santa, though, with his extensive knowledge of who's been naughty and nice holds the key to solving the case of the notorious "reindeer skinner".

The skinner is revealed to be none other than a deranged Frosty the snowman who's reindeer-slaying ways were ended after a failed attempt to kidnap and kill Filene Penny (daughter of JC Penny).

I learned a few things from this adventure:

* Rudolph's nose is red because he's a drunk

* Martha Stewart is right in that one should not put frosting on fruit cakes

* JC Penny is frightening but beautiful

* I'm signing up for the South Beach Diet

In plain English, this was Fun Fun Fun. Thanks to Dane and Helen for taking me along.

Ok, I'm sleepy. ta ta for now.



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